Engineers From India

Engineering - literally explained - the industry that was meant to apply scientific knowledge and methodology to develop solutions to technical problems. Or in layman’s terms, traditionally it is the industry of engineers – professionals for mechanical designing and development of machines and structures.

But the field is no longer just about building bridges and beams, and is no longer just about mechanical drawings or machinery repair. Engineers now go on to cover an extensive list of specializations, and even further sub-specializations (engineering disciplines and sub-disciplines) and are no less than the backbone for several massive industries, from nanotechnology to chemical industries, and from biomedical designing to the traditional heavy structuring/engineering sectors.

Engineering is now seen being applied to, and needed in, across a wide spectrum of industries, each requiring accordingly skilled engineers. But the availability of specifically skilled engineers is becoming an increasingly serious challenge. The scope of engineering applications is expanding rapidly. And the availability of appropriately skilled engineers is becoming a crisis more severe, even more rapidly.

Although engineering is now applicable in the minutest of units and companies to national or international level projects, the acute shortfall of engineering professionals is challenging the industries globally, big and small. And engineering requirements cannot be fulfilled or done away with, without engineers qualified or skilled in the very specific field/discipline of engineering.

Engineering, and thus, engineers are now a necessary part of the functioning for several sectors: including applied sciences (micro technology, environmental technology etc.), IT and related fields (speech, visual and music technology etc.), Military and defense (military engineering and communication, ammunition etc.), domestic applications (domestic appliances etc.), health and safety related functions (fire protection, medical technology etc.) and transport (automotive, aerospace etc.).

In fact, most particularly, engineers covering civil engineering, mechanical engineering, engineering for bridges, piping and projects, petrochemical engineering and engineering for railways and manufacturing are among the most sought after, as well as, a major requisite for operations in these areas.

Specialization wise, engineering can be categorized into several disciplines, like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, petrochemicals engineering, computer engineering, network engineering, construction engineering, railway engineering and several more.

IMR, in partnership with our experts of the engineering industry, has well studied every discipline of engineering, along with every industry engineering is applicable to. Hence, being well learned on the subject, we’re able to assess the requirement and significance of engineers across every industry; as well as the qualifications and experience that would ideally fit every industry’s requirement for engineers.

Please continue reading through our website to recognize how dedicatedly and deeply involved IMR is, to service the global shortage of specialty engineers. And you will be assured, when it comes to your need for ‘engineers from India’, we’re the pioneers for recruitment of the same.