About Us

International Manpower Resources (IMR) recognizing the global need for specialty workforces has recruited more than 75,000 skilled personnel, for over a hundred and twenty organizations around the world, in its 20 years of operation.

Our dedication has been suitably rewarded by our clientele, who attest our unmatched service quality and standards. Our dedication to provide the best in HR, staffing and recruitment solutions, has earned us the title of ‘recruitment specialists’; and our clients trust, they never need to look beyond us for any personnel needs, because IMR is constantly working for them.

We ensure our HR and research specialists are constantly working through global reports, surveys and analysis, to be aware of existing or anticipated shortages of personnel through every industry. And IMR is accordingly and pro-actively prepared with infrastructure and resources, to readily supply the manpower our clients may need, at any time, at any place.

IMR understands how significant a role engineering, and hence engineers play in the functioning of every industry, and how massively their shortfall or unavailability could impact every business, and the economy as a whole. IMR is well aware of the several disciplines of engineering, and how vital each one of them is, in respect to their industry or sector of application.

IMR’s team is also cognizant with the already occurring wide-spread shortage of engineering professionals around the globe, and has analyzed how severely the shortage is bound to worsen.

IMR, as always, is prepared to provide the best of engineering staff of every discipline, for every industry, worldwide. The ‘recruitment specialists’, as we’re referred to, has set-up a sub-division to exclusively cater to the requirements of engineering staff; with its unmatched professionalism, efficiency and service quality.
Please read on to see, the recruitment services and the engineering staff from India, we’re geared up to supply for your business.