Recruitment Procedure

Given our understanding and acknowledgement of how indispensable a role engineers play in every organization through every sector, you can count on us to recruit the most suited talents for your engineering vacancies, and the best among ‘engineers from India’.

We follow a rigid and adhering recruitment procedure for engineers, from start to finish, to ensure your investment in the engineering staff only helps multiply your capital. The procedure is detail and result focused, and strategic, to provide for a perfect match in the vacancy and recruited personnel.

Detailed assessment of the engineering personnel requirement: At this first step of the procedure, our HR experts gather details of the engineering personnel sought – from the discipline of engineering required, right through the details of the industry and its sub-sector that the engineer(s) would be working for. We, at this step, also try to understand the role of engineering in the overall operations of the business, so we can accordingly short-list exacting candidates per the situation, vacancy, business and specialty sought.

Hunting for the most suited engineering skills: Our search executive team takes over the details at this step, from the HR team, of the professional sought. This team extensively scans through our talent database to find the best matches to the vacancy. They also investigate other local and national resources to pull the best engineering personnel, and go on to headhunt if necessary. The candidates drawn out at this step are further evaluated through interviews, qualifications and skills verification, and assessment of previous work history.

Final Selection at our end: Here, our experts from the engineering industry get involved to further and better evaluate the short-listed candidates. They rigorously interview the short-listed candidates and conduct a point by point check to declare the final selection at our end. Meanwhile, the HR team verifies the candidates’ previous employments, and obtains assessable feedback from their earlier employers. In fact, we try our level best to re-recruit candidates who’ve earlier served overseas employment through our prior recruitments, so we’re able to supply candidates who’ve proved their skills and competence to us already.

Presentation to the employer: This last step involves presenting our client with details of our final selection of the candidates so they can take their picks. Although we encourage our clients to conduct interviews of the candidates, several of our clients place high confidence in our assessment and evaluation techniques, and often decide the needlessness of conducting interviews themselves.

Either way, once the employers finally hand pick the candidates they find most suited, our negotiators get into the picture to ensure the engineering professionals are recruited at the most competitive pay scales.

Final Step of the recruitment procedure: This last step completes the recruitment procedure with the issuance and completion of the final agreement and conditional offer documents. Following this documentation completion, our pre-departure associates work with the candidates to complete other necessary formalities including medical and emigration clearances, and travel arrangements (ticketing). Our pre-departure associates stand by until the candidates finally depart for the employment location, and report on-site.