Per a local Ottawa press release from April 2011, a company held a job fair exclusively to recruit engineering staff, and fill their requirement for over a thousand engineers. IMV’s (a France based global leader) energy division is expected to add over 20% of its base personnel staff, all to cater to the firm’s engineering requirements.

The Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress 2011 has confirmed that the auto industry is facing an acute shortage of engineers, and has discussed ‘the industry facing a shortfall of talented engineers’ as one of its prime challenges. Calgary Herald (Canada) has advised through one of its April 2011 articles, that the next decade will see a shortage of engineers ‘in thousands’.

Ireland, despite a 15% rate of unemployment, is struggling to deal with the crisis in availability of adequately qualified and skilled engineers. ‘Engineers Ireland’ announced last month (March 2011) that there were over a thousand engineering vacancies across the pharmaceutical and biomedical sectors alone; while the country’s ‘Expert Group on Future Skills Needs’ verified the unfulfilled requirement, and hence recruitment, of nearly a thousand engineers from overseas.

SA Business (South Africa) reports (Apr 2011) that it is ‘constantly bombarded by facts about the shortage of engineers’, and as an example, cited that it has been estimated that about 13,000 engineers of all disciplines have to be added to the skills pool in South Africa, to satisfy demand.

IET’s (Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK) director announced that the current national shortage of engineers is having a negative effect on the UK economy.

Germany’s organizations (BDA and BDI) have confirmed that the German industry is facing an ‘acute shortage of engineers’ with the shortfall figure running in thousands, and Norway’s Union of Engineers has declared there’s an ongoing battle for ‘petroleum and civil engineers’ in Norway, putting the estimated engineers’ shortage figure at over 7,000.

There are several more reports releasing daily, about how desperately businesses worldwide are hunting for appropriately skilled engineering personnel. And IMR, trying to keep ahead of it all, is prepared to supply engineers specializing in every engineering discipline, and for all industries and their sub-sectors.